+1 point when he gives expert critique/advice on fighting strategy

Raw Stats

Total Kills Politics Insults Wine Sex Kills Cmd. Thrones Deaths Special Feels
17 0 3 3 5 5 0 1 0 0 0

Event Log

Political Wins
Episode 1: Winterfell
24:47 (+3) Bronn:
Qyburn gifts Bronn the crossbow used by Tyrion to murder Tywin Lannister, as Bronn is sent on a mission to assassinate the Lannister brothers. (New Weapon)
Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
Episode 1: Winterfell
24:47 (+3) Bronn:
as Qyburn gifts him the crossbow used by Tyrion to kill Tywin Lannister
Qyburn: "She (Cersei) has a keen sense of poetic justice."
Bronn: "That fucking family..."
(Funny Line)
Glasses of Wine Consumed
Episode 1: Winterfell
23:51 (+5) Bronn:
Bronn drinks a glass after being interrupted by Qyburn. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
Acts of Intercourse
Episode 1: Winterfell
22:58 (+5) Bronn:
Bronn gets started with one of the trio of whores in his chambers, but is interrupted by Qyburn before he can complete the triple-bird score. (Act of Intercourse)
A Game of Thrones
Episode 1: Winterfell
24:08 (+1) Bronn:
Bronn sits down to get dressed and put his boots on after Qyburn interrupts his session with Marei and the other whores. (Basic Seat)