Tormund Giantsbane

Winter has Come


* every mention of "killing Crows"
* every on-screen second he stares into Brienne's soul (rounded up)

Raw Stats

Total Kills Insults Sex Wine Politics Deaths Special Feels
104 50 36 0 0 12 0 6 0

Event Log

Episode 6: Beyond the Wall
48:28 (+50) Tormund Giantsbane:
Tormund kills 25 wights in the ensuing battle as the Night King's Army of the Dead descends upon the group. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
Episode 1: Dragonstone
10:45 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
"Looks like we're the Night's Watch now." (Funny Line)
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33:59 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
"You're a lucky man." - to Podrick after he gets knocked down by Brienne during sparring practice. (Funny Line)
Episode 5: Eastwatch
54:17 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Tormund: "Isn't it your job to talk him out of stupid fucking ideas like this?"
Davos: "I've been failing at that job of late.
(Funny Line)
54:25 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Tormund: "How many queens are there now?"
Jon Snow: "Two."
Tormund: "And you need to convince the one with the dragons or the one who fucks her brother?"
(Funny Line)
54:36 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Tormund: "How many men did you bring?"
Jon: "Not enough."
Tormund: "The big woman?"
(Funny Line)
54:53 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Davos: "I'll be staying behind. I'm a liability out there, as you well know."
Tormund: "You are."
(Funny Line)
Episode 6: Beyond the Wall
4:25 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Gendry: "How do you live up here? How d'you keep your balls from freezing off?"
Tormund: "You've got to keep moving, that's the secret. Walking's good, fighting's better, fucking's best."
Jon Snow: "There's not a living woman within 100 miles of here."
Tormund, eyeing Gendry: "We have to make do with what we've got."
(Funny Line)
5:06 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Jon Snow: "She will only fight beside us if I bend the knee."
Tormund: "You spent too much time with the Free Folk. Now you don't like kneeling."
(Witty Insult)
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15:18 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Tormund: "Were your born mean, or you just hate Wildlings?"
Sandor Clegane: "I could not give two shits about Wildlings. Gingers, I hate."
Tormund: "Gingers are beautiful. Kissed by fire."
(Funny Line)
15:41 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Sandor Clegane: "You want to suck my dick, is that it?"
Tormund: "Dick?"
Sandor: "Cock."
Tormund: "Ah, dick. I like it."
(Funny Line)
16:18 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Sandor Clegane: "You're with Brienne of fucking Tarth?"
Tormund: "Well, not with her yet. But I see the way she looks at me."
Sandor: "How does she look at you? Like she wants to carve you up and eat your liver?"
Tormund: "You do know her."
(Funny Line)
16:29 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Tormund: "I want to make babies with her - think of them. Great big monsters. They'd conquer the world." (Funny Line)
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Political Wins
Episode 5: Eastwatch
55:13 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Jon arrives to Eastwatch, where Tormund has command of the castle, meeting with Jon and taking him to the prisoners his scouts found. (Acquire a New Castle/City/Army/Loot)
55:24 (+9) Tormund Giantsbane:
Tormund takes Jon to the three prisoners he has locked up underneath Eastwatch - Beric Dondarrion, Thoros, and Sandor Clegane.

"My scouts found them a mile south of the Wall. Said they were on their way here."
(New Follower/Prisoner)
Episode 1: Dragonstone
33:49 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
Tormund eyes Brienne on the grounds of Winterfell as she spars with Podrick. (Special)
34:02 (+3) Tormund Giantsbane:
After Tormund speaks to Podrick, he returns his gaze to Brienne and approaches her. (Special)
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