Obara Sand

ESheezy's league


+1 for invoking the name of Oberyn Martell

Raw Stats

Total Kills Insults Sex Wine Politics Deaths Special Feels
18 0 3 0 5 0 7 3 0

Event Log

Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
Episode 2: Stormborn
48:28 (+3) Obara Sand:
Tyene Sand: "Maybe I'll kill you both before we take King's Landing. And then I won't have to share."
Obara and Nymeria: "(baby voice) Mammmaaa!"
(Funny Line)
Glasses of Wine Consumed
Episode 2: Stormborn
48:08 (+5) Obara Sand:
Obara drinks in her hammock below deck, as the Sand Sisters argue over who they will kill in King's Landing. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
Episode 2: Stormborn
53:07 (+5) Obara Sand:
Obara is impaled with the shards of her own spear by Euron Greyjoy. (Death)
56:02 (+2) Obara Sand:
In the aftermath of Euron's ambush on Yara's fleet, Obara's body is shown impaled with her own spears onto the bowsprit of the burning ship. (Dead Body Appearance)
Episode 2: Stormborn
48:11 (+3) Obara Sand:
to Nymeria: "The Mountain killed father. He'll crush you with one hand." (Special)