Raw Stats

Total Kills Insults Intercourse Wine Politics Deaths Special Warm/Fuzzy
19 10 0 0 0 9 0 0 0

Event Log

Episode 10: Mother's Mercy
57:42 (+10) Olly:
Olly deals the fatal stab to Jon Snow in a mutiny. "For the Watch." (Kill of Named Character)
Political Wins
Episode 3: The High Sparrow
24:03 (+3) Olly:
Olly becomes Jon Snow's steward. "Olly is my steward now, as I was Lord Commander Mormont's. I want him to attend my meetings, to learn from men with experience. One day, he might command." (Politics (to be categorized))
27:11 (+3) Olly:
Davos Seaworth asks Olly to recite the Night's Watch oath to Jon Snow - "How does the Night's Watch vow go again? I bet you've got it memorized since you got here." - before interrupting him like an ass. (Politics (to be categorized))
Episode 10: Mother's Mercy
57:42 (+3) Olly:
Olly betrays Jon Snow, telling him of news about his uncle Benjen in order to lead him to the band of mutineers. (Politics (to be categorized))