Grey Worm

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drafted by Jorah the Explorah!

+1 for every 3-syllable word uttered in the Common Tongue (Westerosi English), not counting proper nouns (Daenerys, Unsullied, etc.)
Receives standard sex points for making it to first base

Raw Stats

Total Kills Insults Intercourse Wine Politics Deaths Special Warm/Fuzzy
28 28 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Event Log

Episode 4: The Sons of the Harpy
46:06 (+12) Grey Worm :
Greyworm fights against the Sons of Harpy mob that ambushes his Unsullied patrol, killing 6 of them.
1. Blunt trauma to the torso with the edge of his shield.
2. Spear slash across the face
3. Stabbed through with spear
4. Slit throat with own short sword after pinning Grey Worm against the wall
5. Spear slash across the back of the neck, after getting pinned against the wall
6. Spear slash across the face
(Kill of Unnamed Character)
47:05 (+6) Grey Worm :
Grey Worm kills 3 more Sons of the Harpy as the ambush on his Unsullied patrol continues, suffering a dagger stab to the chest in the process
1. Spear stab while on the ground
2. Impaled onto the blunt end of Grey Worm's spear, which protrudes from the body of the first Son of the Harpy
3. Throat stabbed and slit with the dagger that Grey Worm pulls out of his chest
(Kill of Unnamed Character)
47:37 (+8) Grey Worm :
An injured and flailing Grey Worm fends off a mob of Sons of the Harpy that closes in on him, until Barristan Selmy arrives to help fight. He kills 4 more.
1. Spear stab through the stomach
2. Spear stab through the stomach
3. Strike to the stomach as the other half of the mob exits to engage Ser Barristan
4. Stabbed in the background while Barristan fights
(Kill of Unnamed Character)
48:38 (+2) Grey Worm :
Grey Worm uses his remaining strength to stab the last Son of the Harpy, right before he is able to slit Barristan Selmy's throat. He then collapses next to the injured Barristan. (Kill of Unnamed Character)