Benjen Stark

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Episode 6: Blood of My Blood
Benjen's horse stomps through a wight's chest as he rides in to Meera and Bran's rescue. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
Benjen uses his flaming flail to knock out two wights. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
Benjen sideswipes a wight into a tree, and kills two more with his pickaxe, and sets the last wight on fire with his flaming flail. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
Benjen decapitates the head of a rabbit he has just hunted. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
Episode 6: Blood of My Blood
Benjen tells the story of his death and resurrection to Bran Stark: "I led a ranging party deep into the North to find White Walkers. They found us. A white walker stabbed me in the gut with a sword of ice. Left me there to die. To turn. The Children found me. Stopped the walker's magic from taking hold." (Death)
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Episode 7: The Broken Man
+0 for Benjen Stark
Episode 8: No One
+0 for Benjen Stark
Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards
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Episode 10: The Winds of Winter
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