Sansa Stark

Harrenhal Blades (Public #514)

drafted by No Church in Westeros

* Lady's actions contribute to her points.
* +1 point in every scene she cries

Raw Stats

Total Kills Insults Sex Wine Politics Deaths Special Feels
57 10 18 0 5 21 0 3 0

Event Log

Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards
57:17 (+10) Sansa Stark:
Sansa feeds the imprisoned Ramsay to his own hounds.

Ramsay: "My hounds will never harm me."
Sansa: "You haven't fed them in seven days. You said it yourself."
Ramsay: "They're loyal beasts."
Sansa: "They were. Now they're starving."
(Kill of Named Character)
Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
Episode 5: The Door
3:06 (+3) Sansa Stark:
to Littlefinger: "Did you know about Ramsay? If you didn't know you're an idiot. If you did know, you're my enemy." (Witty Insult)
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4:49 (+3) Sansa Stark:
to Littlefinger: "You said you would protect me... I don't believe you anymore... You can't protect me. You won't even be able to protect yourself if I tell Brienne to cut you down." (Threat)
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Episode 7: The Broken Man
38:36 (+3) Sansa Stark:
to Jon: "So [Davos Seaworth] is your most trusted advisor now? Because he secured 62 men from a 10-year-old?" (Witty Insult)
38:43 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Jon: "Ser Davos is the reason I'm standing here talking to you and he served Stannis for years."
Sansa: "Stannis... who lost the Blackwater, who murdered his own brother, who doesn't have a head?"
(Witty Insult)
Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards
55:38 (+3) Sansa Stark:
to Ramsay: "Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear." (Threat)
Episode 10: The Winds of Winter
51:28 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Petyr Baelish: "Every time I'm faced with a decision, I close my eyes and see the same picture. Whenever I consider an action, I ask myself will this action help to make this picture a reality? ... A picture of me on the Iron Throne... and you by my side."
Sansa: "It's a pretty picture."
(Witty Insult)
Glasses of Wine Consumed
Episode 4: Book of the Stranger
5:39 (+5) Sansa Stark:
Sansa steals away Jon's mug of ale before he can even take an on-screen sip. Jon gets the last laugh as she coughs it back up. "You'd think after thousands of years, the Night's Watch would have learned how to make a good ale." (Glass of Wine Consumed)
Political Wins
Episode 1: The Red Woman
18:16 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Given a redo, Lady Sansa finally accepts Brienne of Tarth into her service as a knight.
Brienne: "Lady Sansa, I offer my services once again. I will shield your back and keep your counsel and give my life for yours if need be. I swear it, by the Old Gods and the New."
Sansa: "And I vow... that you shall always have a place by my... hearth. and..."
Podrick assist" Meat and mead at my table."
Sansa: "...meat and mead at my table. And I pledge to ask no service of you that might bring you dishonor. I swear it by the Old Gods and the New. Arise."
(New Follower/Prisoner)
Episode 4: Book of the Stranger
50:10 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Sansa convinces Jon to rally the Wildling armies and march on Winterfell.

"You are the son of the last true Warden of the North. Northern families are loyal. They'll fight for you if you ask. A monster has taken our home and our brother. We have to go back to Winterfell and save them both."
(Convincing Argument)
Episode 5: The Door
6:05 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Sansa learns of the re-emergence of the Blackfish and the Tully army. "Your great-uncle, Brynden the Blackfish, has gathered what remains of the Tully forces and retaken Riverrun. (Secret Discovery)
Episode 7: The Broken Man
27:11 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Lyanna Mormont pledges her house to Jon Snow's fighting forces: "House Mormont has kept faith with House Stark for a thousand years... We will not break faith today." (New Follower/Prisoner)
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Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards
48:16 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Sansa emerges with Petyr Baelish and the Knights of the Vale on her side to rescue the surrounded Stark forces. (Acquire a New Castle/City/Army/Loot)
53:00 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Sansa retakes Winterfell for House Stark after defeating Ramsay Bolton and the rest of the Bolton army. (Acquire a New Castle/City/Army/Loot)
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Episode 10: The Winds of Winter
0:00 (+3) Sansa Stark:
Littlefinger pledges his support of House Stark to Sansa Stark. "News of this battle will spread quickly through the Seven Kingdoms. I've declared for House Stark for all to hear." (New Follower/Prisoner)
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Episode 4: Book of the Stranger
49:50 (+3) Sansa Stark:
One teardrop rolled down to her bottom cheek as she reads about Rickon's capture in Ramsay's letter to Jon Snow. (Special)
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