Sandor Clegane (The Hound)

Harrenhal Blades (Public #514)

drafted by No Church in Westeros

* +1 point for scenes where he eats
* 2x multiplier for actions performed while confronted by fire

Raw Stats

Total Kills Politics Insults Wine Sex Thrones Deaths Special Feels
69 28 0 21 15 5 0 0 0 0

Event Log

Episode 8: No One
The Hound kills three of the bandits sitting in camp, decapitating the first, cleaving the second in the chest, and slitting the throat of the third with his woodchopping axe. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
Sandor cuts down Gatins with his axe, after failing to extract information on the whereabouts of the bandit with the yellow cloak. (Kill of Named Character)
Sandor kicks over a tree stump being stood on by the bandit, strangling him on the noose.
Thoros of Myr: "You're getting old, Clegane."
Sandor: "He's not."
(Kill of Unnamed Character)
Sandor kicks over the tree stump being stood on by Lem Lemoncloak, strangling him on the noose. (Kill of Named Character)
Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
Episode 7: The Broken Man
Septon Ray: "There's a reason you're still here."
Sandor: "Aye, there's a reason. I'm a big fucker and I'm tough to kill."
(Funny Line)
Septon Ray: "Violence is a disease. You don't cure a disease by spreading it to more people."
Sandor: "You don't cure it by dying, either."
(Witty Insult)
Episode 8: No One
Gatins: "Fuck you!"
Sandor: "Those are your last words, 'fuck you'? Come on, you can do better."
Gatins: "Cunt!"
Sandor: "You're shit at dying, you know that?"
(Witty Insult)
to Anguy: "Drop that arrow, you bloody girl. Tougher girls than you have tried to kill me." (Witty Insult)
Thoros of Myr: "We're not butchers. We hang them."
Sandor: "Hanging? All over in an instant. Where's the punishment in that?"
Thoros: "They die."
Sandor: "We all bloody die. Except this one here (Beric Dondarrion)."
(Funny Line)
Sandor: "There was a time I would have killed all seven of you just to gut these three."
Thoros: "You're getting old, Clegane."
Sandor: "He's not." *kicks over stump to hang bandit*
(Witty Insult)
Beric Dondarrion: "Enjoying yourself?"
Sandor: "I prefer chicken."
(Funny Line)
Glasses of Wine Consumed
Episode 7: The Broken Man
Sandor drinks from a cup handed to him by Septon Ray while taking a lunch break. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
Sandor drinks from his bottle after a hard afternoon of hacking down tree branches. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
Episode 8: No One
Sandor takes a swig from a wineskin handed to him by Thoros of Myr. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
Acts of Intercourse
Episode 8: No One
Sandor whips it out to single-handedly replenish the Riverlands. (Non-sexual Nude Scene)