Thoros of Myr

Kettleblack Alchemy (Public #696)

drafted by Unsullied Crown

+1 point every time he revives someone.
+1 when shown igniting his flaming sword

Raw Stats

Total Kills Politics Insults Wine Sex Thrones Deaths Special Feels
30 0 3 6 10 0 0 5 6 0

Event Log

Political Wins
Episode 1: Dragonstone
While looking into Thoros' flames, Sandor Clegane discovers the location of the planned White Walker invasion - Eastwatch-by-the-Sea -  a secret which Thoros and the Brotherhood seem to already be aware of.
Sandor Clegane: "Ice.  A wall of ice.  The Wall. ... It's where the Wall meets the sea.  There's a castle there.  There's a mountain.  Looks like an arrowhead.  The dead are marching past.  Thousands of them."
Beric: "Do you believe me now, Clegane?"
(Secret Discovery)
Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
Episode 6: Beyond the Wall
Jorah Mormont: "Something I've always wanted to know ... How drunk were you when you charged through the breach on Pyke?"
Thoros: "If I'm being honest, I don't remember charging through the breach. Some of the lads told me about it the next morning. Sounded like a good scrap."
(Funny Line)
Jorah Mormont: "The Ironborn thought you were some kind of god. The way you were waving that flaming sword. I thought you were the bravest man I ever saw."
Thoros: "Just the drunkest."
(Funny Line)
Glasses of Wine Consumed
Episode 5: Eastwatch
Thoros gives a glance back to the Hound as he takes a swig from his flask. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
Episode 6: Beyond the Wall
Thoros asks for a drink from his flask moments after being mauled by the wight bear. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
Episode 6: Beyond the Wall
Thoros is found dead in the morning, having succumbed to his injuries and lack of snuggles in the frost as the the group is marooned on the rock isle in the middle of the frozen lake. (Death)
Episode 1: Dragonstone
Thoros conjures a magic prophecy fire to share a vision of the White Walker invasion with Sandor Clegane. (Special)
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Episode 6: Beyond the Wall
Thoros lights his sword on fire as the wight bear descends on the party. (Special)