Rulesets for Game of Thrones

Rulesets define the scoring weights for the different EventTypes. In general, Rulesets are intended to balance out differences between Event frequencies, so that each EventType category is valued roughly the same.

Individual Events may also be specified to apply only to a certain Ruleset - this allows for scoring changes to be introduced, without affecting scores in the older Ruleset.

Every league uses a specific Ruleset. These can be changed by the League Admin on the Edit League page, and can be reverted at anytme.

If you'd like to preview how a different Ruleset will affect scores in your league, you can do this by appending a parameter like ?rulesetId=8 to the league URL. For example

Game of Thrones 6.0 (id: 14)

S8 Default

Scoring Rule Changes

* Warm Fuzzy Moments is added as an official category, worth 5pts each
* No episode point caps
* Possible further changes (will be locked in and announced before season start)

Game of Thrones 5.0c (id: 12) (deprecated)

S7 Default with point caps to balance Direct-Scoring Cumulative leagues

Scoring Rule Changes

* Character scores are capped at 100pts per episode. A scoring adjustment event is added each episode to compensate characters down to the cap.

Game of Thrones 5.0b (id: 11) (deprecated)

S7 Default with point caps to balance Direct-Scoring Cumulative leagues + counting multiple instances of Bran's warg ability

Scoring Rule Changes

* Character scores are capped at 100pts per episode. A scoring adjustment event is added each episode to compensate characters down to the cap.

Game of Thrones 5.0 (id: 10) (deprecated)

S7 Default

Scoring Rule Changes

* Indirect or commanded kills are no longer counted. A character only gets credit if they do the dirty work themselves. "He who passes the sentence should swing the sword"

* New "rivals eliminated" category, for removing a political rival from that position of power
* New "deals brokered" category, for successfully negotiating treaties, alliances, and other agreements. This does not stack with the "convincing argument" or "executive decision" categories.

Game of Thrones 3.1b (id: 9) (deprecated)

3.1 + "agreeable splits awarded for ordered kills"

Game of Thrones 4.0 (id: 8) (deprecated)

S6 Rebalancing + New Specials

Scoring Rule changes:

* Automatic post-episode death points are no longer counted
* Deaths are weighted at 5 points instead of 10
* Reappearances of a dead character's remains count for 2 points per scene (not including their death scene).

* Points are awarded for gaining new armies (same subcategory as new castle/city)
* Religious words are counted in the "House Words" subcategory for religious leaders (basic worshippers are not counted)

* Officially remove the special insult multiplier - we had effectively stopped scoring these anyway because they were too subjective.

Special changes:

Daenerys: +1 each time she lists off her various titles (e.g. min. 2 titles)
Three-Eyed Raven: +1 for forcibly pulling someone in or out of a vision
Wun Wun: +1 each time he is ineffectually attacked (hit and does not exhibit pain)
Gilly: +1 each time she talks about something new she has learned
Jon Snow: +1 each time he unintentionally drops Longclaw
Greyworm: Receives standard sex points for making it to first base
Melisandre: +1 each time she mentions a vision she sees in the flames
Tyrion: +1 each time he is denied a drink
Ramsay: +1 for each food item he punctures or slices
Cersei: incest/bastard-reference special changed to exclude dialogue with Jaime
Jaime: incest/bastard-reference special changed to exclude dialogue with Cersei

Unlike the 3.1 Ruleset, 4.0 should be considered fluid and subject to change throughout S6 as it is tweaked for balance or new scoring ideas. All of these changes will have a proposal thread opened up for discussion first, before they are made.

Game of Thrones 3.1 (id: 7) (deprecated)

S5 Recalibration + New Specials

Two scoring changes are introduced:
* Butts are now counted as nudity (by popular demand)
* "Top-tier" insults are counted for 3x (9pts) of a regular insult

Several Character Specials are also tweaked/replaced:
* Grey Worm: +1 for every 3-syllable word uttered in the Common Tongue (Westerosi English), not counting proper nouns (Daenerys, Unsullied, etc.)
* Roose Bolton: +1 politics point for lectures given to his son Ramsay
* Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger): +1 for every kiss he gives to Sansa [new]
* Cersei Lannister: +1 special point every time she pours wine or requests a glass be poured. 2x wine multiplier removed.
* Qyburn: +1 point whenever he receives a new specimen for his experiments [new]
* Olyvar: +1 point whenever he name-drops that the brothel "is Lord Petyr Baelish's establishment"
* Shireen Baratheon: +1 point when she tutors someone on their reading/writing;+1 point for making Stannis-style pendantic corrections like her dad; removed the old Davos-specific reading/writing rule
* Mace Tyrell: +1 point every time he volunteers for something without being asked
* High Sparrow: +1 politics point every time he (or Sparrows under his orders) publicly out a named character for their sins [applies to 3.0 as well].
* Stannis Baratheon: +1 point when he mentions that someone will/should "bend the knee" [new]
* Jaime Lannister: +1 point for awkward waves with his metal hand;+1 point when he uses his metal hand in a combat situation;
* Lancel Lannister: +1 politics point when he publicly outs a named character for their sins

Unlike Ruleset 3.0, Leagues on the 3.1 ruleset should expect that more new Specials may be added/modified as the season continues and new suggestions come in. These will all be posted for discussion first.

Game of Thrones 3.0 (id: 6) (deprecated)

S5 Default

The default Ruleset for S5. Weighted to balance all categories based on data from S1+S2+S4.

Kills: 10pts for Named Char Kill, 2pts for Unnamed Char Kill, 5pts for Named Char Injury, 1pt for Unnamed Char Injury
Insults Delivered / Funny Lines: 3pts
Acts of Intercourse: 5pts for Sex, 5pts for each exposed boob/penis/vagina
Glasses of Wine Consumed: 5pts
Political Wins: 3pts
Deaths: 10pts + 1pt in each subsequent episode
Specials: 3pts

GoT Raw Counts (id: 5)

Informational Only

Used primarily for stat-tabulation and demo leagues - all important counting stats have 1x weights, and all others (injuries, post-death points) are ignored with a 0x weight.

Not intended to be used competitively.

Game of Thrones 0.5 (id: 4) (deprecated)

Flat weights

Original ruleset, initially used for the first S4 watching.

Game of Thrones 2.0 (id: 3) (deprecated)

S2 Rewatch Default

Ruleset used during the first S2 Rewatch. Weighted for balance based on data from S1+S4.

Game of Thrones 1.1 (id: 2) (deprecated)

S1 Rewatch Recalibration

Same as the 1.0 Ruleset, with the Major Injuries subcategory added.

Game of Thrones 1.0 (id: 1) (deprecated)

S1 Rewatch Default

Ruleset used during the first S1 Rewatch. Weighted for balance based on data from S4.