Fantasora League

Fantasora is a game that combines aspects of bingo, drinking games, prop bets, and fantasy leagues with the show Game of Thrones. Players assemble a roster of characters on the show (through a draft process), and over the course of the season, will gain points for doing Game of Thronesey things like killing people, drinking wine, or saying 'Hodor'.

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There are three scoring formats:

  • Direct Points: Each character's event carries a point value, and a team's score is the sum of points for all events by characters on that team. Certain Event Types carry point multipliers in this type to balance out the categories (e.g. wine drinking counts for 3x as much as kills since they occur less often).
  • Direct Points Head-to-Head: Same as Direct Points, but instead of accumulating points throughout the season, each week will pit players against each other head-to-head - the team that scores the most points for the week gets the Win.
  • Rotisserie: A more balanced scoring format - character events for a team are summed in each scoring category, and players receive points for where their category score ranks - in an 8-team league, the team in 1st-place of a category receives 8 points, the 2nd-place team receives 7 points, and so on. These category ranking points are then summed up for the team's score.

Q: This sounds awesome! How do I join?!
Season 8 debuts on 2019 Apr 14, and leagues are now open for signup - join the currently open Public League to get started. If you want to get in on the action with a few friends, start up a Private League and send some invites out.

Q: I joined a league, how is this draft going to work?
Take note of your draft time, and click the "Enter Draft" button on the bottom of your league to visit the Draft page. Here's an example one from the test league.

Before or during the draft, you can manage your Draft Queue - use this as a handy shortlist of characters you're considering. This also defines the order in which the Autodraft will pick for you, in case you miss the draft or run out of time on your pick.

Once the draft starts, the page will auto-update as other teams make their selection. When it's your turn, the page will highlight and a character selection and draft button will appear, along with a pick timer (90s by default). If you run out of time without picking, a red Autodraft button will appear, and any other player may force the team to make a pick.

Teams are sorted in a random order, and the draft proceeds round-by-round in a serpentine fashion: after the first round, the order of teams will reverse so that the team that picked last now goes first, and the original first pick goes last.

Q: Won't bookreaders have an advantage since they know what's going to happen?
A: Bookreaders will have a slight advantage, yes, but Fantasora Leagues are a game where everything's made up and the points don't matter. Book readers may know the broad plot strokes that are due to come up, but no one besides the show writers should have a clue how many cups of wine Cersei is going to down or how many random extras Drogon is going to roast next season. For Season 7, the show has also mostly progressed beyond available book material, so watchers and readers are pretty much on even ground now.

Q: How are the events getting recorded?
A: We've developed a sophisticated algorithm that scans the audiovisual streams of each episode as they air. OCR, facial recognition, and waveform analysis are all used. It runs surprisingly well despite running on some beat-up hardware (we do need to replay the episodes at 0.5 speed for the system to analyze in one pass).

Q: What if I spot an error/missed event?
If you spot any errors, you'll find a little flag icon () next to each event - click that to enter event correction details for review. At the bottom of each event log you'll also find a link to submit your own event, if you think there's something we missed entirely. All events go into a review queue, where players can comment/vote and official scorekeepers will review them.

Q: Where can I get updates on the site and upcoming show schedule?
A: The best place to find up-to-date info will be from our Twitter @fantasoraleague or our Facebook Page

Q: Are there any other games supported besides Game of Thrones?
A: Currently we're focused on the upcoming S7 of Game of Thrones, but the site is set up generically to run similar games for any kind of show or real-life phenomena. We'll look at finishing support for other games sometime in 2018. Feel free to send in suggestions with your ideas (email or FB page comments are your best bet)!

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