Submitted Events for GoT: Season 8

Episode 1: Winterfell
Initial Kill of Ned Umber.
submitted by imonaship12 (rejected: not shown on-screen, undetermined killer)
0:00 (+0) Drogon:
It was mentioned and then bodies were shown indicating that together, Drogon and Rhaegal killed 29 goats and sheep.  I think with the current ruleset, this is 58 points split evenly between the two, so 29 per dragon.  (I know it seems iffy to count charred corpses as kills, but it has established precedent:
submitted by stevenorum (rejected: not on screen and not goat bones significant enough)
0:00 (+0) Rhaegal:
We learn that 18 goats and 11 sheep were roasted by the dragons. Twice previously, the dragons have earned points for killing a ram offscreen. Since we don't know who killed what, the two dragons should probably share the points evenly.
submitted by dlapato (rejected: not on-screen and goat bones not significant enough)
Theon kills a member of Euron's crew as he leads a squad of Ironborn on a rescue mission to save his sister Yara Greyjoy. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by kevinreading66 (approved!)
Episode 3: The Long Night
Arya stabs the Night King with the valyrian steel dagger Cat Claw, precisely in the spot that dragonglass was thrust into his chest in order to create him. The Night King falls as does his entire army of wights and white walkers, directly as a result of this.
submitted by Jamiemurraytait (rejected: dupe)
0:00 (+-0) Arya Stark:
If Arya is to be given points for killing all of the dead army, I think the scoring for this event should be counted for killing the entities themselves (named characters), rather than kill-per-wight, as the entire Dead Army is destroyed.

The characters killed:
- NK (+10)
- Viserion (+10)
- 4 draftable White Walkers (+40)
- Wights Army (+10)
- Wight Giants (+10)

Score change ---> -900 + 80 ---> -820 (given the 900 is the correct amount counted for this event)
submitted by amitelran2110 (rejected: not compatible generally with the rest of scoring, unless Jorah, Theon, Brienne et. al. should get downgraded to 0 kill points.)
[Proposition] Nerf the dragonriders. Dragon kills should be removed from scores for Daenerys, Jon Snow, and the Night King (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected)
I believe that in cases of mass-killing approximations, the scoring of this kind of events should be regarded in a more sporting manner, in order to preserve leagues' competitiveness and fun. A general scoring would be more appropriate for mass-event such as this, such as 30-50, especially in this kind of estimations.

That regards characters such as: Drogon, Rhaegal, Daenerys, Jon Snow, Viserion, Wight Army, Wight Giants, etc.
submitted by amitelran2110 (rejected: cleaning up for more specific discussions)
The scoring for this episode is obviously going to be hard but the dragons getting hundreds of points kinda takes away the fun of the league. What’s the point of playing if there’s no chance unless you have a dragon? I think everyone fighting should get 50 base points since everyone killed hundreds of wights. Most characters were fighting the entire episode. When the dragons blow fire it’s impossible to see how many they actually kill so I think it would make it more fair if everyone fighting got base points just for fighting. Special for this episode.
submitted by kschamber (rejected: only on-screen kills will count, freebie points dilute the game)

Dany gets points for her dragons; Arya gets points for all the wights that died after she killed the Night King; and yet Night King gets NO points for either Viserion or the actions of the non-sentient Wight Army WHO HE REANIMATED and who killed hundreds if not thousands including named characters.

This event rectifies this grave injustice. Points breakdown:

New followers:
* If Arya's getting points for killing 340+ wights, NK deserves a helluva lot more for raising the ENTIRE WIGHT ARMY. The normal +3 points for a new army just DOESN'T cut it
* named characters e.g. Qhono

* Credit for all 157 kills the Wight Army had -- JUST LIKE DANY GETS CREDIT FOR HER DRAGONS

* Credit for all 12 points the Wight Army had in the same episode

I estimate at least 500 additional points for NK, thus my figure.
submitted by righteous (rejected: jump into Discord for further discussion/citations)
0:00 (+-0) Drogon:
You should consider give max kills value (for example 10 points per strike) and not thousand kills because it making the game  unfun anymore
submitted by andrey.k (rejected: philosphically opposed to Point caps - join us on Discord for more discussion!)
0:00 (+0) Drogon:
Mass kills should get points for each named character killed, but should be capped for unnamed characters (e.g., 10 points). Otherwise it just completely kills this competition, and makes the league considerably less fun. What's even the point of going after someone with political/drinking/sex skills if a single character can earn hundreds of kill points in less than a minute? Also, this would end issues with inexact counting? Did Drogon burn 158 people, or 275? Who cares, he's getting 10 points for the mass kills.
submitted by sperlingjason (rejected: philosphically opposed to Point caps - join us on Discord for more discussion!)
Maybe not sufficient clarification, but the last shot we see of Qhono alive, during the Dothraki charge, is him staring up at a White Giant as it charges straight into him.
submitted by conor_finlay (rejected: not shown on-screen)
How de we feel about the slaughter of the dothraki horde? It's technically on screen so I think it should be worth something, considering only a handful came back.  Sorry, I do feel bad submitting this, I understand this is probably a nightmare of an episode to score
submitted by Jamiemurraytait (rejected: see thread)
The Wright Army wipes out the entire Dothraki Army
submitted by kelseylawniczak (rejected: dupe)
Per rulebook: you get points when your character dies.. weighted points should probably be given to wight army(extras) and giant wight army(extras) as thousands of them are dead.
submitted by TheNightQueen (rejected: Wight Army has an explicit character description to say they don't count for the Deaths category)
I didn't see points awarded to the wights for injuring Arya (bashing her face into the wall).
submitted by brendan.hamme (rejected)
As Grey Worm watches, the Wight Army advances on the front lines of the doomed Unsullied last stand. (Approximate count, will return to tabulate exact number). (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected: no deaths on-screen)
28:48 (+10) Melisandre:
Five wights are engufled in flames as fire from a section of the trench overflows onto their position. (Inexact count, will revisit) (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected)
The first two wights sacrifice themselves onto the burning palisade trench. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected: Melisandre kills only counted for initial ignition)
34:09 (+36) Melisandre:
Eighteen more wights sacrifice themselves to build a bridge over the burning palisades and allow the Wight Army to make it across. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected: Melisandre kills only counted for initial ignition)
35:33 (+14) Melisandre:
It's Black Friday and the wights cannot hold their place in line, as 7 wights jump the counters and continue piling onto the flaming trench even after a nice not-burning path has been established. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected: after ingition, trench is a passive obstacle and does not contribute active kills for Melisandre)
Arya walks past a Northern soldier who lays dead outside the library. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected: requiring on-screen action for Battle kills)
Arya enters the Winterfell library, where she a group of wights and a Northern soldier laying dead on the ground. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected: dupe for now)
Arya turns a corner and runs into a wight in the library. She stealthily stabs it through the throat before she can be noticed. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
75:58 (+180) Arya Stark:
90 wights fall in the Godswood after Arya kill the Night King keeping them animated. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
After facing an onslaught of wights converging on Daenerys, Jorah succumbs to his wounds, having successfully defended his Queen. (Kill of Named Character)
submitted by brendan.hamme (approved!)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
Kill of a named character - Missandei (in similarity to Joffrey/Ilyn Payne precedent).
submitted by remi.kdu (rejected)
Kill of a named character - Rhaegal.
Euron not explicitly shown as shooting the arrow, implied as the commander of the fleet (first shooter).
submitted by remi.kdu (rejected: kills orchestrated)
Euron shooting ballistic arrow on Greyworm's ship, causing multiple kills.
submitted by amitelran2110 (rejected)
0:00 (+0) Willa:
Willa bangs Tormund
submitted by alicehanners (rejected)
Euron and the Iron Fleet ambush Daenerys Targaryen's fleet on their way to Dragonstone, shooting Rhaegal out of the sky from their ship-mounted Scorpions. (Kill of Named Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected)
Episode 5: The Bells
[Daenerys dragonrider nerf] Per the previous discussions in E3, we won't be removing Daenerys' dragonrider scores but I wanted to open up a discussion thread in light of this episode, to get ideas on designing better scoring rules in the future.

If you removed all of Drogon's kills, Daenerys would be left with ~48 points this episode - which would put her in 3rd place.
(Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (rejected)
to Tyrion: "The next time you fail me, will be the last time you fail me." (Threat)
submitted by nyan (rejected: weak line)
Drogon and Daenerys wipe out two Lannister soldiers atop a building in a drive-by fireblasting. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
38:21 (+4) Drogon:
Drogon and Daenerys wipe out two Lannister soldiers atop a building in a drive-by fireblasting. (Kill of Unnamed Character)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Political Wins
Episode 1: Winterfell
The Lady of Winterfell surrenders the City to Danaerys. "Winterfell is yours your Grace." -Sansa

Dany got a new city
submitted by hindsight44 (rejected: this was just a courteous greeting from Sansa)
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Sam tells him about his true heritage which gives him the title of heir to the throne
submitted by olinnbroderick3 (rejected: will wait for Jon to take action.)
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Jon finding out his true parentage. Could argue that at this point Sam and Bran are the secret/information holders, Jon learned this information in private and is now the only other to have this information.
submitted by the_catherine316 (rejected: dupe - approved)
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Argue that Jon gained a title with the realization of his true parentage? "You're the true King. Aegon Targaryen, 6th of his name, Protector of the Realm, all of it "
submitted by the_catherine316 (rejected: dupe)
Could argue Sam convinced Jon about his true parentage/title? Jon was a little resistant to it at first but Sam explained why Ned did what he did and by doing so convinced Jon it's the truth.
submitted by the_catherine316 (rejected: will wait for Jon to take action)
Unbeknownst to the rest of the world. Ed Tollet and company discover House Umber has been slaughtered. An important ally in the North.
submitted by hindsight44 (rejected)
"You left Winterfell and King and came back a......."
submitted by mtaylornorton (rejected: insult line added -
Agrees to deal with cercei.
submitted by atnorton (rejected: deals brokered is for 3rd parties (Euron in this case))
0:00 (+0) Rhaegal:
Gets ridden by new character (Jon snow).
submitted by lcerny91 (rejected: duplicate)
0:00 (+0) Dirah:
submitted by mtaylornorton (rejected)
33:29 (+3) Jon Snow:
Rhaegal accepts Jon as a dragonrider as they take flight for the first time.
Jon: "I don't know how to ride a dragon."
Daenerys: "Nobody does. Until they ride a dragon."
(New Follower/Prisoner)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
33:29 (+3) Rhaegal:
Rhaegal accepts Jon as a dragonrider as they take flight for the first time.
Jon: "I don't know how to ride a dragon."
Daenerys: "Nobody does. Until they ride a dragon."
(New Follower/Prisoner)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
46:46 (+3) Jon Snow:
Jon finds out his true lineage as the trueborn son of Rhaegaer Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and potentially the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms.
Sam: "I had a High Septon's diary. Bran had... whatever Bran has. ... Your mother was Lyanna Stark. And your father - your real father - was Rhaegar Targaryen. You've never been a bastard. You're Aegon Targaryen, true heir to the Iron Throne."
(Secret Discovery)
submitted by cereith717 (approved!)
The Night King has Ned Umber reanimated as a wight in the ruins of the Last Hearth. (New Follower/Prisoner)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
She convinces/overrules Bronze Yohn Royce when he says they should shut the Winterfell gates. Sansa determines that they will stay open as long as possible to allow the peasants to enter.
submitted by gravesalex0 (rejected: not significant enough of a decision. also not as much opposition from Lord Royce)
Overrules an order from Brienne and drinks a whole glass of wine.
submitted by conor_finlay (rejected: not a major political decision)
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Jon and Brienne both concinvce Dany to Spare Jaime Lannister
submitted by hindsight44 (rejected: not a significant convince - Brienne did most of it)
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
By definitively being Warden in the North Winterfell is now Jons
submitted by hindsight44 (rejected: dupe - approved)
When Beric, Tormund & the Edd arrive at Winterfell, Jon is told something along the lines of "Anyone that isn't here now fights for the dead". Surely this is a political win for the Night King considering this leaves us to believe that pretty much the rest of the north is now dead (for example, the Glovers)
submitted by robertjheckman (rejected: not really specific and not shown on screen, winning the Last Hearth was already credited)
6:16 (+3) Jon Snow:
Daenerys addresses Jon as Warden of the North when asking his opinion on the Jaime Lannister matter, confirming his new position under his regime. (New Title)
submitted by hindsight44 (approved!)
Episode 3: The Long Night
Arya the hero of Winterfell!  Everyone cheered, she didn't seem to be around.
submitted by palecekc (rejected)
Should Brienne get victorious battle points? She was the commander of the left flank and it says large battle scenes would be broken down.
submitted by the_catherine316 (rejected: that's not even a moral victory)
According to the following category: "+3pts Convincing Argument (Changing a character's mind on a major issue)", believe Melisandre should get points for guiding Arya to kill the Night King: “Brown eyes, green eyes—and blue eyes."
submitted by amitelran2110 (rejected: convincing requires opposition)
+5 Kill of named character (orchestrated) - guiding Arya to kill the NK "brown eyes, green eyes - and blue eyes".
submitted by amitelran2110 (rejected)
Re-animated the dead after being confronted by Jon Snow (should match all the kills up to that point, along with the corpses in the Crypt) [New Follower/Prisoner]
submitted by merc3690 (rejected: clarified specials)
Cersei lies to Euron that she is pregnant with his child.

"When the war is won, the Lion shall rule the land, the Kraken shall rule the sea and our child shall one day rule them all."
(Act of Betrayal)
submitted by al.maymanet (approved!)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
0:00 (+0) Varys:
Varys betray Daenerys.
He declared that he is only loyal to the reign and supporting that Jhon to will be the king
submitted by yarden.s (rejected: counted for E5 when concrete actions are taken)
In the War Council meeting, Varys mentions that Yara Greyjoy has retaken the Iron Islands. (Acquire a New Castle/City/Army/Loot)
submitted by braden.morehead (approved!)
Episode 5: The Bells
Tyrion convinces Davos seaworthy to leave the dingy for Jaime to use to smuggle out Cersei. He says he won’t like doing it, but it’s later confirmed to be there.
submitted by ryanmcfarlane09 (rejected: Davos didn't really object)
0:00 (+0) Qyburn:
Qyburn convinces Cersei to flee the Red Keep as Drogon unleashes his destruction.
submitted by okaymkay (rejected: not really an important decision)
Daenerys orders Drogon to execute Varys after discovering his betrayal.

"Lord Varys - I, Daenerys of House Targaryen, first of my name, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons, sentence you to die. ... Dracarys."
(Kill of Named Character (Orchestrated))
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
Episode 1: Winterfell
When Sam asks Bran what he’s doing outside, Bran responds with “Waiting for an old friend”. This is a funny line/witty insult geared towards Jaime.
submitted by dtsantise (rejected)
Tyrion was given 3 pts for telling Varys "at least your balls won't freeze." So I think he should definitely get at least 1 pt for his reply to "for someone who gets offended by dwarf jokes, you sure have an easy time making fun of me," and he says, "that's because I have balls." I'm paraphrasing, so I'm sorry.
submitted by michaelboehnlein2 (rejected: This joke is just too stupid. I refuse to score it.)
I don't remember exactly but I know she told off Jon Snow in this episode.
submitted by rtyger8 (rejected: dupe -
to Jon Snow: "You left Winterfell a King and came back a - I'm not sure what you are now. A lord? Nothing at all?" (Witty Insult)
submitted by ani (approved!)
to Tyrion, for thinking Cersei would honor the agreement to support them with the Lannister Army: "I used to think you were the cleverest man alive." (Witty Insult)
submitted by gravesalex0 (approved!)
(before Jon rides Rhaegal)
Jon: "What if he doesn't want me to?"
Daenerys: "Then I’ve enjoyed your company, Jon Snow"
(Funny Line)
submitted by krystataylor14 (approved!)
The Hound: "You left me to die."
Arya: "First I robbed you."
(Witty Insult)
submitted by k.molseed (approved!)
"You're a cold little bitch aren't you? I guess that's why you're still alive." (Witty Insult)
submitted by sweetsarah025 (approved!)
Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
What about when Bran says, “the things we do for love” to Jaime Lannister in the beginning of the episode? Seemed like a pretty good burn to me!
submitted by annieheinle (rejected: not enough support)
Offered and poured glasses to other people. In addition, he overflowing a cup of glass and disobey lady Brienne order.
submitted by guy.v (rejected)
When Davos first enters the hall, he is asked if he wants any wine and he refuses. He came in for the fire.
Davos: I figure I could wait freezing my balls off out there or die nice and warm in here
submitted by windtalkermx (rejected: not enough support)
Davos refuses to drink wine when first offered, but after seeing Tormund drink from his horn, he replies “maybe I will have that drink”
submitted by windtalkermx (rejected: not enough support)
Beric Dondarrion: "The Lord of Light has brought us together all the same. This is his moment. When light-"
Sandor: "Thoros isn't here anymore, so I hope you're not about to give a sermon. Because if you are, the Lord of Light's gonna wonder why he brought you back 19 times just to watch you die when I chuck you over this fucking wall."

I know this has already been scored as a threat, but should it not be counted as a funny line aswell? Or are there rules against things being scored for more than one reason?
submitted by conor_finlay (rejected: lines only count once, even if they could be considered both insulting and funny (it's often both))
to Jaime Lannister: "Your sister pledged to send her army north... I don’t see an army. I see one man with one hand." (Witty Insult)
submitted by blangslet (approved!)
to Jaime: "I wish father were here. I would love to see the look on his face when he realizes his two sons are about to die defending Winterfell." (Funny Line)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Brienne: "We didn't meant to interrupt, we were just looking for someplace warm to-"
Tyrion: "-to contemplate your imminent death. You've come to the right place."
(Funny Line)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Brienne relents and allows her squire to have a drink.

Brienne: "I don't think that's wise - the battle might start at any moment."
[Podrick sad look]
Brienne: "Half cup."
(Funny Line)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
offering wine to Podrick: "Do you want some of this piss? It's not bad. It's not good either." (Funny Line)
submitted by nyan (rejected: not enough support)
Episode 3: The Long Night
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
After learning that Gilly is pregnant and they intend to name it Jon if it is a jon. Jon says I hope it's a girl
submitted by Zaibin and Aadil (rejected: scored here:
Sandor calls beric a whore when called to continue fighting
submitted by Bensbannas (rejected)
9:12 (+3) Varys:
Varys sighs at his fate while waiting out the Battle of Winterfell: "At least we already in a crypt." (Funny Line)
submitted by yarden.s (approved!)
"You might be surprised at the lengths I'd go to avoid joining the Army of the Dead. I could think of no organization less suited to my talents." (Funny Line)
submitted by ryanmcfarlane09 (approved!)
Tyrion: "Maybe we should have stayed married."
Sansa: "You were the best of them."
Tyrion: "What a terrifying thought."
(Funny Line)
submitted by ryanmcfarlane09 (approved!)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
The Hound sees Arya riding towards him and throws his jerkey to the ground.

“For fuck sake.”

(ridiculously funny moment)
submitted by conor_finlay (rejected: below bar)
49:24 (+3) Gilly:
to Jon, as Samwell blathers on about how Gilly got pregnant: "I'm sure he knows how it happens, Sam." (Funny Line)
submitted by jmccreight (approved!)
Glasses of Wine Consumed
Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
He shows in every scene with a glass of wine, doesn't it count to multiple glasses? (Same as basic seat each scene)
submitted by guy.v (rejected)
He Toasts to Ser Brianne Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and takes a drink after the knighting.
submitted by kschamber (rejected: didn't actually drink)
Davos drank wine along with the rest of the group. (right after Arya's sex scene he's seen holding a cup and afterwards he goes to pur himself another but the pitcher is empty
submitted by Lerrer's heir (rejected: didn't drink on screen)
drank the whole thing of wine
submitted by sofiazbv (rejected: approved dupe)
Tormund shotguns his entire horn of "giants' milk" as it pours down all over his beard to the dismay of Davos and others. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
submitted by alicehanners (approved!)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
- Toasting for Gendry's promotion at the feast.
- Toasting for Daenerys & Arya at the feast.
submitted by amitelran2110 (rejected: no drinks)
Tormund glugs straight from the pitcher during the Feast of Winterfell. (Glass of Wine Consumed)
submitted by fenrojas (approved!)
Acts of Intercourse
Episode 1: Winterfell
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Implied sex with Dany at the waterfall
submitted by olinnbroderick3 (rejected: No.)
Jorah gently caresses the Khaleesi's elbow as he points out where Samwell is in the library. (Act of Intercourse)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
0:00 (+0) Missandei:
Grey worm got points for the kiss and missandei didn't, it takes two to tango
submitted by Jamiemurraytait (rejected: Kisses don't count for sex, with the exception of special scoring like Grey Worm's)
0:00 (+0) Gendry:
Count for both Gendry and Arya. After the initial scene where Arya takes Gendry on the sacks, there is a later shot where Gendry and Arya are seen in bed together in a new location. Another implied sex scene?
submitted by the_catherine316 (rejected)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
Tormund leaves with Willa, putting her drink down and going to make whoopie
submitted by alicehanners (rejected)
After being spurned by the Hound, Sarra finds solace in the background with Podrick to become the third leg of the Tripod. (Act of Intercourse)
submitted by alicehanners (approved!)
Jaime sits brooding in front of the fireplace after a 2nd night with Brienne, reflecting on how one just can't go back to non-incest after hitting that high-grade sibling kush. (Act of Intercourse)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Brienne wakes up from bed after a 2nd night with Jaime, only to find he has disappeared into the night. (Act of Intercourse)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Kills Commanded (deprecated)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
Cersei commands the Mountain to kill Missandaei with a look
submitted by powderkeg.bds (rejected: dupe)
A Game of Thrones
Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Basic Seat for Jorah sitting at the council while Jaime's reception.
submitted by amitelran2110 (rejected: he is sitting at the side tables, we decided not to score these as the chars are not visible)
Brienne scoots her seat backwards as she gets up to defend Jaime in the court of Winterfell. Alys Karstark, seated next to her, is stationary, proving that they are sitting on individual seats and not a bench! (Basic Seat)
submitted by nyan (rejected)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne, and Podrick sit at a table while they play their drinking game.
submitted by okaymkay (rejected: benches aren't thrones)
Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne, and Podrick sit at a table while they play their drinking game.
submitted by okaymkay (rejected: benches aren't thrones)
Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne, and Podrick sit at a table while they play their drinking game.
submitted by okaymkay (rejected: benches aren't thrones)
Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne, and Podrick sit at a table while they play their drinking game.
submitted by okaymkay (rejected: benches aren't thrones)
Episode 6: The Iron Throne
26:36 (+1) Jon Snow:
Jon sits down on a small wooden chair in Tyrion's prison chamber. (Basic Seat)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Episode 1: Winterfell
(Whores talking in front of Bronn about Lannister men being burned by dragons) "That boy Eddie..." "The ginger?" "That's him. Came back with his face burnt right off. He's got no eyelids now." "How does he sleep with no eyelids?"
submitted by power.suit (rejected: didn't die but I did love this reference!)

Ed Sheeran was mentioned as having face burned off in battle with Lannister army against Danny & Drogon! (see attached article) He is Ginger Eddie!
submitted by albertesp (rejected: not dead)
Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Jon Snow and Daenerys look upon the statue of Lyanna's tomb in the crypts of Winterfell, as Jon explains the story of his parentage. (Dead Body Appearance)
submitted by power.suit (approved!)
Episode 3: The Long Night
56:09 (+5) Viserion:
Dueling with Rhaegal and then Drogon in aerial combat, the Night King is thrown off Viserion's back and Viserion soon after has his neck snapped by Drogon. (Death)
submitted by codyandrew77 (approved!)
The White Walker lieutenants explode into ice shards in a chain effect after the Night King falls to Arya's stab. (Death)
submitted by kelseylawniczak (approved!)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
0:00 (+0) Missandei:
Um. She died.
submitted by kschamber (rejected: scored)
Missandei is beheaded by the Mountain atop the ramparts at King's Landing, after delivering her final words - "Dracarys." (Death)
submitted by codyandrew77 (approved!)
Episode 5: The Bells
Ser Boros is killed by Sandor Clegane or crushed by debris while escorting Queen Cersei during the Battle of King's Landing alongside the other remaining Kingsguard. Let's get some representation for our boy Ser Boros Blount. It's not like it matters anyway with Arya and Drogon.
submitted by jimmy.tague (rejected: The show kind of forgot that named Kingsguards existed)
Episode 6: The Iron Throne
Tyrion finds Cersei's and Jaime's bodies in the rubble beneath the collapsed Red Keep (Dead Body Appearance)
submitted by jedjackoway (approved!)
Episode 1: Winterfell
Proposed new Special: Bran scores when he introduces himself to a scene by staring at people. (Special)
submitted by nyan (rejected: individual scores added)
Should cerci get any credit for “act of betrayal” for agreeing to help against the white walkers, then not doing it?  Or hasn’t she officially betrayed them yet?
submitted by krmcgill102 (rejected)
Euron referenced incest with Jaime to Cersei - "how do I compare to the kingslayer?"
submitted by kdaven92 (rejected)
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Does Jon Snow not get points for riding a dragon for the first time?
submitted by hoovdc17 (rejected: added
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Argue Jon riding Rhaegal is kind of like Jon acquiring a new weapon?
submitted by the_catherine316 (rejected: dupe)
Should Sam get special points for referencing the diary he took from the citadel when telling Jon who his real parents are? That's pretty much saying "I read it in a book"
submitted by ssleppy (rejected: dupe - this was added)
Euron references Theon's missing manhood to Yara when she's his captive. He says something about how them two (Yara and Euron) are the only Greyjoys left with balls.
submitted by trisha.97 (rejected: dupe, see:
(19:51) Euron Greyjoy remarks that he and Yara are the only Greyjoys left with any balls, referencing Theon's missing manhood.
submitted by johnpburke1997 (rejected)
When Euron is talking to Yara on the ship, he says "... we're family... the last Greyjoys left in the world. The last ones with balls anyway."
submitted by laurashbu (rejected)
0:00 (+0) Gendry:
Forging a dragon glass axe is an act of blacksmithing.
submitted by bgp123 (rejected: dupe)
Lyanna lays into Jon at the introduction meeting asking what are you and chastising for his leaving. Seems to be the only one who does so and, as her special suggests, this would be putting an adult in their place.
submitted by bgp123 (rejected: she tried but did not succeed)
Puts Jon in his place while talking in Winterfell's great hall.
submitted by imonaship12 (rejected: dupe)
"You left Winterfell a king and came back a...I'm not sure what you are now. A lord? Nothing at all?"
submitted by mfrate28 (rejected: insult added)
Putting John in his place
submitted by mtaylornorton (rejected: dupe)
Lyanna dared to call out Jon and Dany. She reminded him that he left a king and came back merely a lord !!
submitted by kathyoreilly5 (rejected: dupe)
I don't remember it exactly, but pretty sure Lyanna put Jon in his place
submitted by niketbp (rejected: dupe)
It was heavily alluded to that Ed Sheeran's eyebrows were melted off by Drogon (though he still survived), in the brothel scene with Bronn. That's gotta count for something.
submitted by whitmorealec (rejected: didn't die and nothing else scoreable here)
0:00 (+0) Rhaegal:
New dragonrider (Jon Snow)
submitted by gilgatex (rejected: dupe)
0:00 (+0) Rhaegal:
submitted by tommywaffles18 (rejected: dupe)
0:00 (+0) Rhaegal:
Rhaegal is mounted by Jon Snow
submitted by matthew.martin-hall (rejected: dupe)
0:00 (+0) Rhaegal:
Rhaegal and Drogons meal of 18 goats and 11 sheep is shown blackened on the ground.  Have they received points for this?
submitted by ssleppy (rejected)
Wight army should have scored Special points for the boy nailed to the wall reanimating as a wight
submitted by jimgillin (rejected)
Jorah reunites with Sam and they talk about his former Greyscale condition.
Dany: "The man who saved Ser Jorah when no one else could."
Jorah: "They could. They just wouldn't."
submitted by nickg (approved!)
Sam mentions the book he found out Jon's lineage from: "Bran and I worked it out. I have a High Septon's diary, and Bran has... whatever Bran has." (Special)
submitted by dtsantise (approved!)
Ned Umber is impaled on the wall of his keep, surrounded by a spiral of bloody body parts. (Special)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Arya is asked by the Hound if Beric was on her list and she responds 'for a time' should count as a reference to her list.
submitted by ryanmcfarlane09 (rejected)
Arya puts on a new faceless man disguise for Gendry. Her O-face.
submitted by jayson.the.pirate (rejected)
"He’ll come for me," Bran says of the Night King. "He’s tried many times before with many Three-Eyed Ravens.”
“Why? What does he want?” Samwell Tarly asks.
"An endless night. He wants to erase this world. And I am its memory," Bran says.

If this isn't special...I don' t understand what the special points are all about...
submitted by rtyger8 (rejected: not active warging)
When Tormund arrives at Winterfell he refers to Brienne as "The big woman". Referencing her size/attractiveness.
submitted by the_catherine316 (rejected: Brienne must be present for references)
After Tormund reports back to Jon Snow, he says "The big woman still here?" This is reference to Brienne's size.
submitted by okaymkay (rejected: references need character present)
Daenerys styles in a fresh white fur coat and white fox scarf when talking with Jon Snow in the crypt.
submitted by blangslet (rejected: same coat)
0:00 (+0) Missandei:
She should get points for the kiss with Grey Worm because it was a goodbye kiss and might be the last time they ever see each other. Grey worm gets special points for it but they should both get feels points as well
submitted by kschamber (rejected: there's an argument but not quite at the arbitrary line for feels)
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Ghost was a part of that warm and fuzzy moment. He has saved both Jon and Sam's life and has fought along the NW as long as Jon was in the NW. I dont think it's a coincidence that the scene designed to show the last members of the NW put Ghost in the scene. Who hasnt seen screen time in over two years.
submitted by hindsight44 (rejected: at least pet the pupper or something gosh)
Sam giving Heartsbane to Jorah.
submitted by angelmg16 (rejected: scored for Feels)
Davos serving soup and is taken back by a little girl. The little girl seems to be burnt/ scarred similar to Sheeren (the scene is implying that the little girl is making him remember the little princess).
submitted by angelmg16 (rejected: Davos' special is for "invoking Shireen's name")
Staring at Brienne
submitted by IPKOB (rejected: thanks for the timestamps - ultimately subjective but a lot of these we'll consider just normal looking at a person and not the )
0:00 (+0) Gendry:
As Arya is approaching Gendry gives someone a dragonglass battle axe. The same way he got points for giving an axe to the hound last episode.
submitted by hindsight44 (rejected: not active blacksmithing, not a special axe)
0:00 (+0) Gendry:
Tests dragon glass axe on wooden stump 10:24
Inspecting 3 dragon glass spear tips 10:35-11:09.
submitted by yarden.s (rejected: not active blacksmithing)
Podrick impresses in a sparring session on the training grounds at Winterfell.

Jaime: "He's come a long way."
Brienne: "He's alright. Still has a lot to learn."
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Sansa eyes well up as Theon arrives to Winterfell with the Ironborn to pledge his services. (Special)
submitted by olinnbroderick3 (approved!)
Tormund greets Jon with a bear tackle and calls him "My little Crow." (Special)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Tormund looks at Brienne while talking to her about knighthood in the Seven Kingdoms. (11 cumulative seconds) (Special)
submitted by nyan (rejected: looking at but not "staring into soul")
Tormund stares at Brienne from the background throughout her knighting ceremony (15 cumulative on-screen seconds). (Special)
submitted by nyan (rejected: looking at but not "staring into soul")
After he gets passed over by the group as Tyrion Lannister entreats a song, Podrick surprises the group with his rich and moving rendition of the ballad, "Jenny of Oldstones". (Special)
submitted by coreymarkhembree (approved!)
54:51 (+3) Jon Snow:
to Daenerys: "So the last thing she did as she bled to death on her birthing bed was give the boy to her brother Ned Stark - to raise as his bastard." (Special)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Episode 3: The Long Night
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Not sure where else to ask this, but how come direwolves are not draftable characters? Like Ghost, or even Nymeria if she happens to make an appearance in the next few episodes? Thanks.
submitted by iris.hsu (rejected)
0:00 (+0) Jon Snow:
Ghost lost his ear, major injury to Ghost is major injury to Jon. Even though Jon is a shitty owner that abandons him.
submitted by hindsight44 (rejected)
The Hound fought and killed wights while the being confronted with fire (dragon fire, trench fire) ... until he hid in the corner. Does Beric's sword count too?
submitted by stefanik62 (rejected)
Originally, the Night King had special scoring for raising dead bodies/entities to the dead army, rather then just raising named characters.
While drafting characters, this special scoring was mentioned for the Night King as part of his special scoring.
It's misleading that this special scoring had changed, as it played a major reason for picking him in the draft.
Please do reconsider scoring this.
submitted by amitelran2110 (rejected: dupe - see
Melisandre lights up the arakhs of the Dothraki horde before they charge into battle against the undead army. (Special)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Beric is first seen with his flaming sword. However his Special is specifically about "igniting" his sword, which we never get a scene with. Leaning towards a reject on this. (Special)
submitted by nyan (rejected)
After Melisandre lights the trench, 18 wights stare back through the flames with their glowing blue eyes. (Special)
submitted by brendan.hamme (approved!)
The Wight Army reanimates after the Night King lands outside the walls of Winterfell. (Special)
submitted by nyan (rejected: removed Special)
Daenerys takes on 57 fare-skipping mooches as she attempts to fly away with Drogon. (approximate count, will revise) (Special)
submitted by nyan (rejected)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
56:07 grey worm spoke more than 3 words. “Get to the skiff. now!”
submitted by jchangz1991 (rejected: not 3-syllable word)
Sandor scoops at a shepherd's pie in his bowl during the Feast of Winterfell, in a strong foreshadowing to the Cleganebowl that was Promised. (Special)
submitted by conor_finlay (approved!)
Daenerys switches up to a burgundy dress at the Feast of Winterfell (Special)
submitted by marr.virginia (approved!)
Tormund eagerly stares at Brienne as she excuses herself to take a piss. His 3-second gaze is unfortunately interrupted by Jaime. (Special)
submitted by conor_finlay (approved!)
Episode 5: The Bells
While discussing traitorous actions with Tyrion at the beginning of the episode Danaerys wears a drab housecoat to symbolize her descent into depression and madness.
submitted by marr.virginia (rejected: same as S8E4 outfit during Feast of Winterfell)
While incinerating Varys, Dany sports a blood red herringbone dress (unclear if this is the same outfit from the Winterfell celebration dinner).
submitted by marr.virginia (rejected: same as S8E4 outfit during Feast of Winterfell)
The Hound literally leaps into a fiery grave to finally end Clegane Bowl - post episode discussion even included how pivotal it was to have his death be in fire.
submitted by kelseylawniczak (rejected: awarded as 2x points for his Kills and Death events)
0:00 (+0) Drogon:
Objects burned in non-combat situations (Varys)
submitted by nicky.xchen1388 (rejected)
Jaime: "You're no King."
Euron: "Oh, but I am. And I fucked the Queen."
submitted by kelseylawniczak (approved!)
The Feels
Episode 1: Winterfell
The scene where Bran and Jon meet for the first time in 7 years.
submitted by trunksgt243 (rejected: dupe)
Jon has received "feels" points for his hug and interaction with Bran, yet Bran has not received any points?

Seeing as this was a 1 on 1 moment, why would they not receive the same points for "the feels"
submitted by g108138214067352828589 (rejected)
submitted by g108138214067352828589 (rejected)
By not doing her due diligence Danaerys puts herself in an incredibly awkward situation by trying to reward Sam Tarly. Without realizing she killed both his father/brother and has to explain this to his face. A certain "I fucked up" moment.
submitted by hindsight44 (rejected: you have to feel like you fucked up and Daenerys didn't)
Harry Strickland agrees to deal with Lannisters.
submitted by atnorton (rejected)
Jon arrives back home to Winterfell and embraces Bran, as Jon sees him for the first time in 7 seasons.
Jon: "Look at you. You're a man."
Bran: "Almost."
(Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by nyan (rejected: Bran is a robot)
36:05 (+5) Jon Snow:
After Bran issues a dire warning to everyone that the White Walkers are coming and how they don't have any time for this, Jon and Dany take a romantic getaway to the frost-covered waterfall on dragon-back.
Jon: "It's cold up here for a southern girl."
Dany: "So keep your Queen warm."
(Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by kremershell (approved!)
36:34 (+3) Drogon:
As he tries to get his makeout session on with Daenerys, Jon enters a staring contest with Drogon who is watching with great interest. (Ridiculously Funny Moment)
submitted by tommywaffles18 (approved!)
Edd and Tormund Giantsbane stumble upon each other at the Last Hearth.

Edd: "Stand back, he's got blue eyes!"
Tormund: "I've always had blue eyes!!"
(Ridiculously Funny Moment)
submitted by niketbp (approved!)
After riding anonymously for a fortnight to reach Winterfell, Jaime discovers Bran has been sitting in the courtyard waiting for his "old friend" the whole time. (I've made a huge mistake.)
submitted by hindsight44 (approved!)
Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
I think during Briennes knighting Tyrion, Tormmund, and especially Jamie should all get more points because of how they reacted to the scene. They directly contributed to it. Tyrion brought up that she wasn’t a knight which set the whole thing in motion and he also toasted her afterwards. Tormmund told her it was ridiculous not to Knight her and clapped wildly when it was done. Jamie actually knighted her. She wouldn’t be a knight without the three of them.
submitted by kschamber (rejected)
Jaime approaches Brienne deferentially and emotionally:
“I would like to serve under your command if you’ll have me.”
submitted by blangslet (rejected: mild reject - the moment was fleeting and seemed like they completed it later in the episode)
Podrick’s song should count as a Feels of the week event. During the behind the episode the creators even said it was a special moment that they haven’t done for awhile so we know it won’t happen again. It’s the last song of the series and it contributed to multiple feels moments.
submitted by kschamber (rejected: not enough support)
The scene near the end of the episode where Sam is cuddling Little Sam and Gilly in the crypt.
submitted by lesley.arca (rejected: too minimal of a scene)
Episode 3: The Long Night
Tyrion pleads with Cersei as he stands at the gates of King's Landing: “If not for yourself then for your child. Your reign is over, but that doesn’t mean your life has to end. It doesn’t mean your baby has to die.”
submitted by okaymkay (rejected)
Dany crying over Jorah at the end of the episode. (Sad Feels.) Couldn't find this one listed already.
submitted by zounder (rejected: not quite to quality bar)
In stark contrast to his cowardice when Euron captured Yara, Theon charges the Night King and certain death to protect the family he betrayed and the castle he sacked.
submitted by power.suit (rejected: not quite to quality bar)
0:00 (+0) Gilly:
Gilly tells Jon that she is pregnant and if it is a bot they will name it jon
submitted by Zaibin and Aadil (rejected)
Beric help The Hound realize that he does have something to live/fight for: Arya.
submitted by cteeters90 (rejected: not quite to quality bar)
0:00 (+0) Drogon:
Drogon curls around Dany as she cries over Jorahs dead body
submitted by kelseylawniczak (rejected)
0:00 (+0) Drogon:
Towards the end of the episode, Drogon wraps himself around Daenerys as sort of a hugging/loving gesture while she is mourning the death of Jorah.
submitted by kimbo (rejected: duplicate)
Sansa and Tyrion wax nostalgic to their King's Landing days, and all the trials they've endured since

Tyrion: "Maybe we should have stayed married."
Sansa: "You were the best of them."
(Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by brendan.hamme (approved!)
Sansa and Tyrion wax nostalgic to their King's Landing days, and all the trials they've endured since

Tyrion: "Maybe we should have stayed married."
Sansa: "You were the best of them."
(Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by okaymkay (approved!)
Bran to Theon: "Everything you did brought you where you are now. Where you belong. Home." (Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by brendan.hamme (approved!)
As the dead make their way into the Crypts, Sansa and Tyrion hide behind a tomb and share a tender moment. Tyrion kisses her hand as they pull out their weapons and join the fray. (Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by brendan.hamme (approved!)
As the dead make their way into the Crypts, Sansa and Tyrion hide behind a tomb and share a tender moment. Tyrion kisses her hand as they pull out their weapons and join the fray. (Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by okaymkay (approved!)
Bran: "Theon. You're a good man. Thank you." (Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Episode 4: The Last of the Starks
Grey Worm Gasps with Terror when Missandei is beheaded.
submitted by palecekc (rejected: below bar)
Grey Worm and Missandei hold hands look to the future
submitted by palecekc (rejected: below bar)
Preoccupied, Grey Worm tells Missandei to hide inside the ship just before Greyjoy attacks the fleet
submitted by victor.alavedra (rejected)
Grey Worm desperately seeks and shouts Misandei at the beach

"Misandei!!! Misandei!!! Misandeeeeeeei!!"
submitted by victor.alavedra (rejected: below bar - generally distressed but different from "sad feels")
Several close-ups of Grey Worm as he watches his lover being decapitated. He ends up with tears in his eyes
submitted by victor.alavedra (rejected)
Grey Worm and Missandei hold hands on the ship right before Euron comes (their last scene together)
submitted by kdaven92 (rejected: below bar)
Grey Worm watches on in dismay as Missandei is beheaded.
submitted by davidagster (rejected: dupe)
0:00 (+0) Gilly:
Jon says goodbye to Gilly
submitted by Zaibin and Aadil (rejected)
0:00 (+0) Gilly:
Announcing her pregnancy
submitted by jmccreight (rejected: below bar)
0:00 (+0) Gendry:
Sad feels when Arya refused Gendry's proposal.

Gendry: "Be my wife, be the lady of Storm's end"
Arya: "You will be a wonderful lord, and any lady would be lucky to have you. But I am not a lady, I never have been, that is not me."
submitted by yarden.s (rejected)
Daenerys kisses Jorah's body goodbye as the living pay their respects to the fallen after the Battle of Winterfell. (Sad Feels)
submitted by nyan (rejected: bit below bar)
A tearful Sansa weeps over Theon's body as they pay their respects to the dead after the Battle of Winterfell. (Sad Feels)
submitted by nyan (rejected: dupe)
Gendry proposes to Arya.

"I don't know how to be Lord of anything. I hardly know how to use a fork. All I know is that you're beautiful, and I love you, and none of it will be worth anything if you're not with me. So be with me. Be my wife. Be the Lady of Storm's End."
(Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by nyan (rejected: Arya didn't feel in this scene)
Jon: *struggles internally with secret heritage*
Bran: "It's your choice."
Jon: "I need to tell you a secret. But you have to swear you can't tell anyone."
Sansa, Arya: "We swear it."
Jon: "Alright, here goes... Bran, tell 'em."
(I've made a huge mistake.)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Arya and the Hound reunite on the road to Kingslanding.

Sandor: "I don't plan on coming back."
Arya: "Neither do I."
(Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by nyan (rejected: bit below bar)
Arya and the Hound reunite on the road to Kingslanding.

Sandor: "I don't plan on coming back."
Arya: "Neither do I."
(Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by nyan (rejected: bit below bar)
After two nights in bed with Brienne, Jaime lies awake and reflects on how non-incest just really doesn't do it for him. (I've made a huge mistake.)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Episode 5: The Bells
Varys says his last words to Tyrion as he awaits his execution: "I hope I deserve it, truly I do. I hope I'm wrong. Goodbye, old friend." (Sad Feels)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
12:40 (+5) Varys:
Varys says his last words to Tyrion as he awaits his execution: "I hope I deserve it, truly I do. I hope I'm wrong. Goodbye, old friend." (Sad Feels)
submitted by nyan (approved!)
Grey Worm looks upon Missandei's slave band with Daenerys, and casts it into the fire. (Sad Feels)
submitted by nyan (rejected: no support)
Episode 6: The Iron Throne
E6 comment placeholder (Warm Fuzzy Moment)
submitted by nyan (rejected)